President Philson

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President Philson is an international recording artist, known as one of the most revolutionary artists on the planet. He graduated Harvard College in 2008 with a Degree in Government and worked in Investment Banking on Wall Street, as well as led key civil rights organizations & serves as a Global Ambassador to causes such as eliminating racial disparities, increasing educational achievement, combating mental illness, AIDS activism, and ending the mass incarceration crisis. 

Pres was a teenager during the age of classic NY Hip-Hop and is a product of the culture.  He is originally from the Liberty Village Projects in Plainfield, NJ where he decided he would be a rapstar one day and get to the top of the world. After years of producing music, film, and fashion via MMP Guided Entertainment,, he wrote this book as a way to bring others and go even further as a community.  Pres is also a Co-Founder of the #1 nu non-dairy milk Banana Wave Banana Milk.