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Mi$adventure$ of the American Dreamer:

Nick Ca$h Vs. Everyone

By: President Philson

In Mi$adventure$ of the American Dreamer: Nick Ca$h Vs. Everyone, A Novel by President Philson (MMP Guided Entertainment, December 2016, E-book, $9.99), sixteen-year old Nick Ca$h is a criminal. Well, technically, he's a genius, loyal servant of his 'hood, and a local rapstar dreaming of the day that his talents will help him benefit his severely dysfunctional family and the volatile West End, New Jersey community he calls home. How does he find the gall to survive in an environment that takes everyone prisoner? In short, by rapping, grinding, and finessin’ his way through Ivy League dreams.

Mi$adventure$ of the American Dreamer: Nick Ca$h Vs. Everyone tells the story of the 21st Century ghetto Harry Potter, yet Nick uses hip-hop as the vehicle that propels him through the morass of an afflicted adolescence. For Nick, victory is merely the price of admission to the next set of challenges, as conquering environmental stressors elevate him to world-class Ivy League environments rife with elitism and racism. Perhaps Nick simply isn't destined to fit in anywhere, but his stand-out qualities in extremely varying societies demonstrate the star qualities necessary to live the American dream as a product of the violent social, financial, and health epidemics that plague the American underclass. Nick is the posterboy for #blackboymagic and his path can help any committed person achieve their destiny and conquer high school, the college admissions process, & beyond.

President Philson had to relive life as a starving young Black man in order to fully embody Nick Ca$h’s voice.  Taking a pause from his career as an international recording artist and performer and Wall Street Financier, Philson traveled the country in the line of fire understanding the plight of urban Black youth and wrote a blueprint to help guide the most unlikely children to the highest echelons of education. Philson has spent countless days fighting to uplift the youth around the world, and via his philanthropic organizations including the Global Black Student Orientation.  President, known for his unrelenting commitment to empower the community has written the blueprint for Black boy magic with Mi$adventure$ of the American Dreamer:  Nick Ca$h Vs. Everyone, and given the youth a roadmap from getting from the ghetto to Harvard and will surely inspire, uplift, entertain, and empower multitudes around the world.

Undoubtedly, Mi$adventure$ of the American Dreamer: Nick Ca$h Vs. Everyone is what the streets have been waiting on. Through decades of community service and ministering to hopeless young people, Philson has mastered the skill of giving hope where none exists.  President Philson is the voice of the Gen-Y Millennial, writing for and featured in leading media organizations, yet his literary contributions to Hip-Hop culture proven in this novel represent a bold new territory for urban fiction and the classic American novel.

Mi$adventures of the American Dreamer:  Nick Ca$h Vs. Everyone 

MMP Guided Entertainment

December 2016 | E-book | $9.99| www.globalblackstudentorientation.com
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About the Author: President Philson is an international recording artist, known as one of the most revolutionary artists on the planet. He graduated Harvard College in 2008 with a Degree in Government and worked in Investment Banking on Wall Street, as well as led key civil rights organizations & serves as a Global Ambassador to causes such as eliminating racial disparities, increasing educational achievement, combating mental illness, AIDS activism, and ending the mass incarceration crisis.  Pres was a teenager during the age of classic NY Hip-Hop and is a product of the culture.  He is originally from the Liberty Village Projects in Plainfield, NJ where he decided he would be a rapstar one day and get to the top of the world. After years of producing music, film, and fashion via MMP Guided Entertainment,, he wrote this book as a way to bring others and go even further as a community.  Pres is also a Co-Founder of the #1 nu non-dairy milk Banana Wave Banana Milk.

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Mi$adventure$ of the American Dreamer: Nick Ca$h Vs. Everyone is his first book.


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December 2016